The Complete Guide to Starting and Growing A Business in Malaysia

If you have always wanted to start a business in Malaysia, this guide is for you!

We will be covering the A-Z to get you going in right away.

Let’s start!

Big Picture Overview – Starting a Business in Malaysia

  1. Problem and Solutions
  2. Brand Name
  3. Design Logo and Brand Colour
  4. Incorporating A Company
  5. Hire Accountant
  6. Develop & Design Website
  7. Hiring A Team
  8. Office Rental
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Shoot A Corporate Video
  11. Trademark Brand
  12. Raising Funds

Here is the full reference from Forbes

Step 1: Problem and Solutions

Figure out the problem your business is solving and clearly state the solutions to the problem.

Before starting the business, you could also run a survey to your target audience to understand their pain points and struggles deeper.

Step 2: Brand Name

Register your brand name with Serverfreak or Exabytes for Malaysia websites.

Step 3: Design Logo and Brand Colour

Design your brand logo and colour with the help of a graphic designer.

Here are the lists of Graphic Designers in Malaysia

Step 4: Incorporating A Company

The next step is to incorporate your company in Malaysia. These days you won’t need to travel to SSM to incorporate your company as this can be done online via digital company secretaries.

Here are the lists of Digital Company Secretary in Malaysia

Step 5: Hire An Accountant

One common mistake business owners often make is leaving it last minute to handle accounting and taxation.

Hire an accountant early on and you will have lesser headache during filing season.

Here are the lists of Accounting Firms in Malaysia

Step 6: Develop & Design Website

Step 7: Hiring A Team

Step 8: Office Rental

Step 9: Digital Marketing

Step 10: Shoot A Corporate Video

Step 11: Trademark Brands

Step 12: Raising Funds

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