How SPEEDHOME Raised RM14 Million From VC, Listed Co, and ECF – Wong Whei Meng

Today we have Wong Whei Meng, the CEO of SPEEDHOME to share their funding journey and tips for entrepreneurs who wish to raise funds for their business.

Discover how SPEEDHOME manage to raised RM14 Million from Venture Capital, Listed Companies, and Equity Crowdfunding.

The areas of discussion include:

– The story of Speedhome

– How does Speedhome protect landlords

– Business model pivot

– Speedhome’s funding journey

– Funding sources recommendation for first time entrepreneurs

– VC criteria and objective

– Getting listed companies to fund Speedhome

– Plans to utilise the RM14 million raised

– Number 1 advice for entrepreneurs who wish to raise funds

– Tips to build a good business model

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