Malaysian Companies with IPO in 2023

Initial Public Offerings or more commonly known as IPO mark the first time a private company sells its shares of stocks to the general public, enabling investors to partake in its growth. This also means that the company’s ownership shifts from private to public. This process offers opportunities for investors to make profitable returns on their investments.

In 2023, several Malaysian companies made a mark with their IPOs, allowing them to raise capital. In this article, we explore companies from different industries with IPOs in 2023.

1. KGW Group Berhad

Converted into a public limited company in 2022, KGW Group Berhad is primarily involved in logistics services as well as warehousing and distribution of healthcare products and devices.

Through KGW Logistics, they provide logistics services for ocean and air cargo shipments, focusing on shipments between Malaysia and the United States of America. In 2014, the company also incorporated Mattroy Logistics, which focuses on shipments between Malaysia and non-USA countries. In 2021, the group incorporated KGW Medica through which they ventured into warehousing and distribution of healthcare-related products and devices.

Website: KGW Logistics

2. Synergy House Berhad

Synergy House Berhad is an international e-commerce seller and exporter of furniture that specialize in uniquely designed and affordable home furniture. The company has seen great success since its establishment in 1990. In 2004, the company repositioned itself as a designer of furniture and fully outsourced the manufacturing process.

After several years of continued success, Synergy House Berhad managed to penetrate a major overseas e-commerce marketplace platform in the USA. Today, it continues to expand into other e-commerce marketplace platforms in both the UK and USA.

Website: Synergy House Berhad

3. Cloudpoint Technology Berhad

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Cloudpoint is one of Malaysia’s leading technology solutions providers that helps customers move towards digital transformation. Some solutions they offer include IT solutions in Datacenter Networking, Cybersecurity, Servers, Storage and Data Management, as well as Hybrid IT.

The company which has previously obtained several accolades continues to stay competitive by investing in the latest technologies such as AI and Business Analytics to help their customers gain a competitive advantage through IT.

Website: Cloudpoint Technology Berhad

4. Autocount Dotcom Berhad

Listed on the ACE Market of Bursa in May 2023, AutoCount Dotcom Berhad is a developer of accounting software through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Auto Count Sdn. Bhd. With 27 years of experience, they specialist in high-quality and reliable accounting software and business applications designed to meet the unique needs of SMEs and multinational companies alike.

Their comprehensive products have gained the trust and loyalty of over 200,000 companies across a diverse list of industries. Throughout the years, this company has achieved an impressive list of awards including multiple Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Awards.

Website: AutoCount Dotcom Berhad

5. Wellspire Holdings Berhad

Incorporated as an investment holding company in 2021, Wellspire is principally involved in the distribution and online retail of consumer packaged foods. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. The group’s two subsidiaries are Bai Li Enterprise Co. and Keymall Retail Co., both of which are operated in Thailand.

Their snack foods are sourced locally from Thailand and imported from China. Their distributed product range includes sunflower seeds, other seeds and nuts, and baked and confectionery products. They distribute two third-party brands and three of their own brands, with a total of 43 SKUs of snack foods.

Website: Wellspire Holdings Berhad

6. Daythree Digital Berhad

Daythree is an award-winning business process management company, delivering insights and innovation-driven customer experience. Today, the company serves reputable brands by helping them build brand equity and trust through innovation and the use of data.

The numerous awards that they have won are a testament to the focus and emphasis they place on optimizing customer experience through technology. Designing from concept to process, and later to operations, they develop best practices to manage expectations of service level standards of the business and industry.

Website: Daythree Digital Berhad

7. MYMBN Berhad

MBN Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is a primary processing establishment for Raw UnClean Edible Bird’s Nest “RUC-EBN” based in Melaka. Their processed RUC-EBN are sold either to downstream bird’s nest product manufacturers or to Traders of Bird’s Nest. MBN developed their own traceability system from farmers to customers. The system allows tracing from their sources and tracking of all our products.

In 2019, after much hard work and effort, MBN achieved its most critical milestone to date by becoming the first company in Malaysia approved by the General Administration of Customs China “GACC” to export RUC-EBN to China.

Following that, MBN exported RUC-EBN directly to China instead of selling to traders or agents. By meeting all the regulatory compliance and product quality requirements necessary for such an exporter, MBN’s products are deemed premium and thus gaining an advantage of being able to demand higher selling prices.

Website: MYMBN Berhad

8. MST Golf Group Berhad

With over 30 years of experience in the golf retail industry, MST Golf has worked to establish itself as the leading golf retail and service provider in the region, upholding its vision to serve customers the best in everything golf.

The company presently operates more than 40 retail stores in Malaysia and Singapore, providing customers with a world-class golf shopping experience with more than 90 equipment, apparel, and accessories brands. They also serve clients in other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam through their wholesale and distribution business channels.

Today, MST Golf is known by golf consumers and the industry’s leading golf retailer in Southeast Asia and one of the best in the world. MST Golf is in a unique position to lead and work with brands and the industry to promote the game and amplify the industry’s message, including sustainability initiatives.

Website: MST Golf Group Berhad

9. DC Healthcare Holdings Berhad

Since its inception in 2016, the group has embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and impact. It all began with the launch of their first “Dr Chong Clinic” in Kepong, which quickly became synonymous with excellence in non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments for skin and beauty.

Today, they have proudly expanded to 13 branches across the central and southern regions of Malaysia, catering to a growing clientele seeking transformative solutions. To further complement and enhance their range of aesthetic services, the group established Ten Doctors, a subsidiary dedicated to providing premium skincare products. This strategic move allows them to offer a holistic approach, ensuring comprehensive solutions for clients’ diverse skincare needs.

Website: DC Healthcare Holdings Berhad

10. Skyworld Development Berhad

SkyWorld is a city developer with a proven track record for delivering innovative and quality craftmanship for the city communities. With a focus on the development of high-rise residential and commercial as well as affordable properties, its on-going and planned developments are strategically located within Kuala Lumpur.

Website: Skyworld Development

11. Edelteq Holdings Berhad

Incorporated in 2004, Edelteq is a leading semiconductor manufacturing solutions provider. They offer a wide range of products and services for the semiconductor industry and are principally involved in the provision of engineering support (semiconductor equipment and materials) for IC assembly and test processes.

Edelteq serves customers from Integrated Design Manufacturers (“IDMs”), Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Testing companies (“OSATs”), Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”), and Electronics Manufacturing Services (“EMS”) providers. In addition to Malaysia, they also serve customers from Singapore, China, Thailand, as well as the United States.

In June 2023, Edelteq was converted into a public limited company and adopted the name of Edelteq Holdings Berhad. Presently, Edelteq is listed under the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia.

Website: Edelteq

12. Radium Development Berhad

RADIUM is a rare earth metal that is lustrous and luminous in appearance. As its namesake, RADIUM DEVELOPMENT’s character and culture is shaped by the best features of this element.

In the effort to achieve luminosity, they uphold the promise to build transformational experiences that will illuminate lives, ignite businesses and pave the way to a brighter future. Every Radium development is a promise to make a difference, an assurance of sustainable living with long-term value.

They are committed to building homes that enrich lifestyles, cultivating commercial spaces that thrive upon limitless possibilities, and empowering communities that shine bright to their fullest potential.

Website: Radium Development

13. DXN Holdings Bhd

The core business activities of DXN include cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of the health food supplements. Based in Malaysia with worldwide operations, the company is well-known for its Ganoderma business. Its product lines include dietary supplements, food and beverages, personal care products, skin care and cosmetics, household products and water treatment system.

DXN’s high regard for quality earned the company many outstanding citations and recognitions from various health and business organizations. Along with the solid foundation and sustainable development, DXN has rapidly diversified into other business activities, which include information technology, etc.ecember 2011 due to a take-over offer by the founder.

Website: DXN Holdings

14. Sancy Berhad

Sancy Berhad is a leading firm in the Healthcare IT sphere, providing digital solutions for the industry’s pressing challenges. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sancy has recently begun its expansion into four new regions, namely Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Since its founding in 2018, Sancy continues to be at the forefront of innovating digital healthcare solutions, notably with its comprehensive Hospital Information Systems, and more recently, for a hospital-insurance information exchange platform.

Website: Sancy Berhad

15. Oppstar Berhad

Oppstar is one the few Malaysian companies in the front-end of the semiconductor industry, offering a full spectrum of IC design services. The chips they design play a prominent role ushering in a new era of digitalization and are used in various industries including telecommunication, consumer electronics, industrial electronics and automotive. 

Oppstar was founded in 2014 by three IC design industry experts, with the vision to become a preeminent global Semiconductor brand in R&D. Today, Oppstar employs over 200 highly skilled employees and is enroute to realizing its vision by being the preferred one-stop IC design solution provider to its customers. 

Website: Oppstar

16. Cape EMS Berhad

Cape EMS Berhad (formerly known as Cape EMS Manufacturing (M) Berhad) is principally an investment holding company and is involved in electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”). Through its subsidiaries, they are also involved in aluminium die casting and EMS, as well as supply of electronic products and related activities.

Fulfilling the highest standard in technology, quality, environment and human capital has always been paramount for the sustainability of the company.

Website: Cape EMS

17. Vestland Berhad

Vestland is a well-established construction company in Malaysia. They focus on strategic leadership and commitment towards synergistic and sustainable growth, which has led to the development of a high-performance team that fosters effective partnerships with various stakeholders in the industry.

Their subsidiary Vestland Resources Sdn Bhd is an ISO 9001 certified company registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) – a status ensuring its eligibility to tender for projects with unlimited contract value.

Website: Vestland

18. TT Vision Holdings Berhad

TT Vision is a technology driven company specializing in the development of automated machine vision solutions. They offer one of the most cost effective PC-based vision systems through innovative solutions developed in-house. The high speed, high accuracy and highly repeatable system is the result of years of research of refinement from field tests.

TTVHB is an investment holding company whilst their subsidiaries are principally involved in the development and manufacturing of machine vision equipment, and provision of related products and services. Their equipment, which is equipped with our vision inspection module, is primarily used for the inspection of optoelectronics (LEDs), solar wafers and cells, discrete components and ICs (chips) as well as vision guided robotic equipment.

Website: TT Vision

19. Kumpulan Kitacon Berhad

With a track record of 32 years in the building construction industry since the commencement of operations in 1990, the company started with various small-scale construction and subcontracting works including renovations and construction of an industrial building. They were registered with CIDB as a contractor since 1996 and subsequently received the certificate of registration from CIDB in 1997 as a G7 contractor.

They specialise in township construction and their long-established track record in the construction industry provides them with the platform to grow, and serve as important reference sites to enable the company to continually bid for various phases or parcels within a township development.

Website: Kumpulan Kitacon

20. Nationgate Holdings Berhad

Since 2010, NationGate has been providing electronics manufacturing services and technical support to Networking and Communications, Instrumentation, Consumer Products, Medical Devices and Automotive sectors. Their services include all kinds of high speed SMT (Surface Mount Technology), COB (Chip On Flex/ Board), Final Assembly (Box Build), precision Plastic Moulding and Final Testing services.

To continue meeting the changing needs of their valued customers, NationGate is committed to creating value that increases customer competitiveness through a World-Class Manufacturing Excellence solution that delivers superior quality and service.

Website: NationGate

21. DS Sigma Holdings Berhad

The company has evolved from merely being a packaging products supplier to a packaging solutions company advancing towards supply chain management integration and sustainable packaging. Leveraging on their in-house manufacturing capabilities coupled with their dynamic packaging design & innovation services, the company continuously enhance their products and offer value-added services to provide a total packaging solutions to clients.

With their industry experience and broad expertise, DS Sigma has helped numerous multinational corporations thrive by providing the best possible solutions to complex challenges in their respective industries. From industrial to consumer packaging, their clients rely on them for the highest-quality packaging materials that protect their assets and cargo throughout the entire supply chain.

Website: DS Sigma Holdings

22. L&P Global Berhad

L&P Global Berhad is Southeast Asia’s leading sustainable supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Penang, Malaysia with operations across the Malaysia and in Vietnam. Established in 1984 and first known as Berjayapak, they started their business in designing and manufacturing custom-made wooden pallets, boxes, crates, and precision cases for corporate customers.

Now, L&P Global Berhad has extended their operation to also provide packing, circular logistic services, as well as pallet recycling and repair services to propel their sustainability initiatives.

Website: L&P Global

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