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Bringing You The Top Digital Company Secretary in Malaysia

At iSearch, we compile the list of business services to help companies to search for the service that best fits their needs.

With the growing demand for digital company secretary in Malaysia, we have decided to feature only the top companies that has been proven to deliver quality work and service.

View the featured list of companies below and contact the one that you are interested in!


1company is one of the top choices for new Company Registration in Malaysia.

Their services are designed based on “Best Run Business Solutions” for companies. 1company always provide the best run business solutions towards each customer.


Foundingbird has set out to simplify the processes of starting, running & governing a business in Malaysia by digitalising decades-old procedures and automating mundane tasks as a digital company secretary.

Entrepreneurs can set up their own Sdn Bhd wherever they are and anytime they want!

Foundingbird enables companies to be incorporated fully online. No paperwork. No hassle.


MISHU is your digital company secretary in Malaysia. With MISHU, let them handle the boring paperwork while you focus on growing your business.

Mishu is a digitally inclined company secretary firm. Whenever possible they do things paperless i.e: using e-signature and filing into our portal where you can retrieve your files. This save costs to you, faster, convenient and it’s more environmentally friendly.

Quadrant Biz Solutions

Quadrant Biz Solutions offers a comprehensive “one-stop shop” for listed and private companies for their compliance needs.

They are a digital company secretary, allowing you to use their services wherever you are! Get full transparency of their services with their mobile and desktop application.

Trust Maven

TrustMaven is one of the top Online Company Secretarial firms for Startups & SMEs in Malaysia.

Their founder teams are the professional and experienced company secretaries. They designed and built the TrustMaven Platform based on more than 15 years of experience in the industry.


WeCorporate simplify finance and compliance operations from accounting, company secretary, payroll, LLP incorporation and tax services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor and Sabah.

Being a digital company secretary, WeCorporate makes the lives of start-up founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, successful SME owners, adventurous foreign businessmen and savvy investors easier by providing a one-stop solution with support from digital technology and offering their clients a seamless and hassle-free journey while clients focus on growing their business.