After Decades of Philanthropy Work, He’s Awarded by One of The Well-known Global Organisation

Dato’ Sri Dr Shamir Kumar Nandy:

Recipient of One of The Most Prestigious Awards in the Rotary Club

The 36 Installation Ceremonies, attended by over 400 Rotarians from Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines were held in Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on 4th November this year. Organised by the Rotary Club of Greater Kuala Lumpur for the installation of the new President & Board of Directors, the momentous event is in line with the presidential theme ‘Imagine Rotary’ set by Rotary International that instils the power of turning dreams into reality.

Rotary International is a 117-year-old humanitarian service organisation that brings together business and professional leaders to provide community service, promote integrity, and advance worldwide goodwill, peace, and understanding. There are over 46,000 member clubs worldwide, with a membership of 1.4 million individuals known as Rotarians.

In the Rotary Club, one of the highest honours an individual can receive is the Excellence in Service to Humanity Award. The award recognises non-Rotarians, including partners and spouses of Rotarians, who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service through Rotary. Such an individual who is a non-Rotarian has to be nominated by a Rotarian (who is not acquainted with that individual in any manner) and nominated individuals have to go through strict nomination criteria set by the international standards of the club to select only one winner.

Rotary Club of Greater Kuala Lumpur 36 Installation Ceremonies with Dato Sri Dr Shamir Kumar Nandy

About Dato’s Sri Dr Shamir Kumar Nandy

In the business world, Dato’ Sri Dr Shamir is well known for being a game-changing entrepreneur, a maverick disruptor and an innovator par excellence. His monumental achievements in the Trust services industry, creating award-winning property developments and developing ingenious financial conceptualisation and fund-raising modelling have generated more than RM10 billion in business in the past decade alone and created job and business opportunities for more than 25,000 people. He might be little known among the members of the Rotary Club, given that he is a non-Rotarian.

Dato Shamir Kumar Nandy awarded Excellence in Service to Humanity Award

And little did they know that he is an avid philanthropist, instilled with a strong love for his community and country by his parents from a very young age. For decades, he had anonymously helped and donated substantially to orphanages, disease-stricken individuals, charities and hospitals. To name a few, he had contributed medical equipment in the form of respirators and endoscopic machines to a hospital at an undisclosed figure and personally underwritten to pay for an unknown patient for chemotherapy treatments that cost almost six figures.

The recent pandemic-related event, which caused economic and social difficulties among Malaysians who struggled and were especially unable to afford to put food on the table, triggered the ‘bendera putih’ (white flag) movement as a signal to ask for food and grocery donations. A fellow Rotarian who nominated Dato’ Sri Dr Shamir knew it was he who was at the forefront of the Bendera Putih Covid Food Relief programme. Before this programme, he was also a recipient of the Rotary Foundation’s Paul Harris Fellowship. The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who have made substantial contributions to The Rotary Foundation, the community and the world.

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