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At iSearch, we compile the list of business services to help companies to search for the service that best fits their needs.

With over hundreds of softwares in Malaysia, we have decided to feature only the top companies that has been proven to deliver quality work and service.

View the featured list of companies below and contact the one that you are interested in!


ABSS (formerly MYOB) is the leading supplier of accounting software to Asian SMEs. ABSS service extends to SMEs throughout South Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and many more countries by providing tools that simplify accounting management.

With over 20 years of experience, they are passionate about helping SMEs grow. Their software is compliant with local regulatory and has powerful built-in inventory management tools. They have an award-winning customer support team to maximise results!


Bukku provides cloud based accounting software and solutions to both small business owners and accountants.

Bukku is currently one of the most advanced cloud accounting software in Malaysia.

Bukku is more than just a cloud-based accounting software, it eliminates most of your data entry works and streamlines your manual processes.


Curlec is a FinTech company that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to collect recurring payments and take control of their cash flow. They do this by building technology on top of banking payment infrastructure.

Curlec is the first independent software company in Malaysia to process online interbank Direct Debit payments and offer this to businesses that have been traditionally underserved by banks.


Financio is a cloud accounting software designed and built for Asian SMEs. Financio automates and simplifies your accounting task, enabling you to focus more on running your business.

Financio delivers real-time reports, automated bookkeeping, invoicing-purchasing, management of cash flow, and tax.

Your data are securely stored in their cloud storage with real-time backup facilities. Financio Premium subscription comes with free mobile apps.


Paybun automates and digitalises HR processes such as Payroll, Leave, Claims & Time Attendance, Overtime(OT) Management through their cloud based platform. They also provide payroll outsourcing service.

Paybun offers attractive & competitive pricing for their clients. Get software customisation and integration with accounting software & time attendance device.

Payroll Panda

Payroll Panda is a payroll software that allows thousands of Malaysian businesses to do their payroll in just 15 minutes.

Payroll Panda has great ratings on Google reviews! Its ease of use, accurate tax calculations, and award-winning customer support make it one of the best payroll software in Malaysia.


QuickDesk is incorporated to equip your sales and marketing team with the right digital tools and solutions to help them close more sales effectively.

QuickDesk empowers you to focus on strengthening your customers’ experience and drive revenue growth by automating your sales and marketing processes.

Their vision is to empower and impact businesses globally. QuickDesk cares about your success, and it’s their mission to grow and journey together with you!