How Brands Can Launch Their NFT Successfully! Common FAQs Answered & Debunked

Today we have Nicole Yap, the founder of 8SIAN to share how brands can successfully launch their own NFT!

About Nicole:

Nicole started 8SIAN with the aim of creating a global and inclusive community that would bring together individuals who share an admiration for Asian culture whilst also representing, educating and building a lasting presence in the NFT space.

After a successful launch, Nicole is now working towards strengthening the brand both in and out of the Web3 space.

Nicole is an independent young female entrepreneur who has successfully built a multi-million dollar brand aimed at empowering Asian women.

Check out 8sian’s website here

The areas of discussion include:

– Things to know before entering the NFT space

– How NFT has enabled brands to enter the global market

– How brands can create hype during the pre-launch stage and marketing strategies that were effective for 8SIAN

– The role of Discord in the Web3 space

– The type of ads that have been effective for 8SIAN

– What to expect for launch day and ensuring a smooth launch

– Utilities and benefits that brands can incorporate into their NFT

– What happens after the NFTs are sold out

– How 8SIAN communicates with its community

– How many people brands will need in their team and the types of roles

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